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As you can tell by reading, this is a pretty silly example, designed to be used to test some translation issues that we are having. It's fun to write though!

This guide demos popular Markdown tags used on https://docs.rockylinux.org

The Demo

This is a quote example. Nicely formatted.

Sometimes you will see things like this..

How about a little bold face

Most of the time, it straight text like this.

Sometimes you need to show a command

Or multiple commands:

dnf install my_stapler
dnf update my_pencil
systemctl enable my_stapler

At other times, you need bulleted or numbered lists:

  • I believe you have my stapler
  • If not, please at least return my pencil

  • Here is your broken pencil

  • Sharpening it is useless

And you could need an admonition:


Pencils and staplers are really old-school.

More times than not, when a command has multiple options, or you need to list specifics, you might want to use a table to identify things:

Tool Use Additional Information
pencil writing or printing often replaced with a pen
pen writing or printing often replaced with a stylus
stylus writing or printing on an electronic device sometimes replaced by a keyboard
keyboard writing or printing on an electronic device never replaced - used until full of food crumbs

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