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As you can tell by reading, this is a pretty silly example, designed to be used to test some translation issues that we are having. It's fun to write though!

This guide demos popular Markdown tags used on

The Demo

This is a quote example. Nicely formatted.

Sometimes you will see things like this..

How about a little bold face

Most of the time, it straight text like this.

Sometimes you need to show a command

Or multiple commands:

dnf install my_stapler
dnf update my_pencil
systemctl enable my_stapler

At other times, you need bulleted or numbered lists:

  • I believe you have my stapler
  • If not, please at least return my pencil

  • Here is your broken pencil

  • Sharpening it is useless

And you could need an admonition:


Pencils and staplers are really old-school.

More times than not, when a command has multiple options, or you need to list specifics, you might want to use a table to identify things:

Tool Use Additional Information
pencil writing or printing often replaced with a pen
pen writing or printing often replaced with a stylus
stylus writing or printing on an electronic device sometimes replaced by a keyboard
keyboard writing or printing on an electronic device never replaced - used until full of food crumbs

Last update: November 11, 2022

Author: Einstein

Contributors: Dr. Ben Dover, Sweet Gypsy Rose