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Release notes for Rocky Linux 8.10

You can find a complete list of most changes in the upstream release notes found here


You can upgrade from Rocky Linux 8.x to Rocky Linux 8.10 by running sudo dnf -y upgrade.


Several images are available along with the normal install images, including cloud and container platforms.

You can find more on the artifacts produced by the Cloud Special Interest Group, and information for how to get involved on the SIG/Cloud Wiki page.


To install Rocky Linux 8.10, head to the download page and download the version you need for your architecture.

Major changes

For a complete list of major changes, see the upstream listing here.

Detailed next are highlights and new features from this release.

Image builder

  • different partitioning modes, such as auto-lvm, lvm, and raw are available
  • Tailor options for a profile and add it to your blueprint customizations. Accomplished with selected and unselected options to add and remove rules.


Listed below are security-related highlights in the latest Rocky Linux 8.10 release. For a complete list of security related changes, see the upstream link here.

  • SCAP Security Guide 0.1.72 contains updated CIS profiles, a profile aligned with the PCI DSS policy version 4.0, and profiles for the latest DISA STIG policies
  • libkcapi 1.4.0 introduces new tools and options. Notably, with the new -T option, you can specify target file names in hash-sum calculations
  • stunnel 5.7.1 TLS/SSL tunneling service changes the behavior of OpenSSL 1.1 and later versions in FIPS mode. Besides this change, this version provides many new features such as support for modern PostgreSQL clients
  • OpenSSL TLS Toolkit now contains API-level protections against Bleichenbacher-like attacks on the RSA PKCS #1 v1.5 decryption process

Dynamic programming languages, web, and database servers

For a detailed list of the changes in this category see the upstream link here.

Later versions of the following application streams are now available:

  • Python 3.12
  • Ruby 3.3
  • PHP 8.2
  • nginx 1.24
  • MariaDB 10.11
  • PostgreSQL 16

The following applications have been upgraded:

  • Git to version 2.43.0
  • Git LFS to version 3.4.1


For details on the changes in this category see the upstream link here.

Notable changes include:

  • The podman build farm command for creating multi-architecture container images is available as a Technology Preview
  • Podman now supports containers.conf modules to load a predetermined set of configurations
  • The Container Tools package is updated
  • Podman v4.9 RESTful API now displays data of progress when you pull or push an image to the registry
  • SQLite is now fully supported as a default database backend for podman
  • Containerfile now supports multi-line HereDoc instructions
  • pasta as a network name is now deprecated
  • The BoltDB database backend is now deprecated
  • The container-tools:4.0 module is now deprecated
  • The Container Network Interface (CNI) network stack is deprecated and will be removed in a future release

Known Issues

Many known issues exist in 8.10 including those related to:

  • Installer and image creation
  • Security
  • Software management
  • Shells and command-line tools
  • Infrastructure services
  • Networking
  • Kernel
  • File systems and storage
  • Dynamic programing languages, web and database servers
  • Identity management
  • Desktop
  • Graphics infrastructure
  • Virtualization
  • Supportability
  • Containers

Review the upstream listing for the complete details on these issues.


Some Application Streams, which are part of the Rocky Linux 8.10 repositories, won't receive any further updates. Remember to note any application streams that are EOL or deprecated and update to newer streams if desired.

Reporting bugs

Please report any bugs you encounter to the Rocky Linux Bug Tracker. We also welcome you to join our community in any way you wish, be it on our Forums, Mattermost, IRC on Libera.Chat, Reddit, Mailing Lists, or any other way you wish to participate!