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When we download bash scripts that have been written by others in our daily work, sometimes some key strings are marked with special colors. How can this effect be achieved by writing in a script?

Font color

color code description
30 black
31 red
32 green
33 yellow
34 blue
35 purple
36 dark green
37 white

Background color of font

background color code description
40 black
41 crimson
42 green
43 yellow
44 blue
45 purple
46 dark green
47 white

Display mode

code description
0 Terminal default settings
1 Highlight
4 Underline
5 Cursor blinks
7 Reverse display
8 Hide

Mode of execution

  • \033[1;31;40m "1" indicates the display mode, which is optional. "31" indicates the font color. "40m" indicates the font background color

  • \033[0m Restore the terminal default color, that is, cancel the color setting

Script example

We can write a script to observe the color change.

# Font color cycle
for color1 in {31..37}
        echo -e "\033[0;${color1};40m---hello! world---\033[0m"

echo "-------"

# Background color cycle
for color2 in {40..47}
        echo -e "\033[30;${color2}m---hello! world---\033[0m"

echo "-------"

# Cycle of display mode
for color3 in 0 1 4 5 7 8
        echo -e "\033[${color3};37;40m---hello! world---\033[0m"
Shell > chmod a+x
Shell > ./

The effect is as follows:


Author: tianci li

Contributors: Steven Spencer