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In order to make container images and cloud images as small as possible, distribution maintainers and packagers may sometimes ship stripped down versions of popular packages. Examples of stripped-down packages bundled with container or cloud images are vim-minimal, curl-minimal, coreutils-single and so on.

Although some of the shipped packages are stripped down versions, they are often fully acceptable for most use cases.

For cases, when the stripped-down package is not enough, you can use the dnf swap command to quickly replace the minimal package with the regular package.


This Rocky Linux GEMstone demonstrates how to use dnf to swap the bundled curl-minimal package with the regular curl package.

Check existing curl variant

While logged into your container or virtual machine environment as a user with administrative privileges, first verify the variant of curl package installed. Type:

# rpm -qa | grep  ^curl-minimal

We have curl-minimal on our demo system!

Swap curl-minimal for curl

Use dnf to swap the installed curl-minimal package with regular curl package.

# dnf -y swap curl-minimal curl

Check new curl package variant

To confirm the changes, query the rpm database again for the installed curl package(s) by running:

# rpm -qa | grep  ^curl

And it's a GEM !


DNF Swap Command


dnf [options] swap <package-to-be-removed> <replacement-package>

Under the hood, dnf swap uses DNF's --allowerasing option to resolve any package conflict issues. Therefore the curl minimal example demonstrated in this GEMstone could also have been done by running:

dnf install -y --allowerasing curl

Author: wale soyinka