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Welcome to Gemstones! I can hear you now: "What on earth are Gemstones, and how do they fit into Rocky Linux documentation?" That is a very good question. While Guides contains our normal length how-to documentation and Books contain our longer-form documentation, Gemstones are just little gems of wisdom. Have a favorite bit of Linux code that you use all the time or a favorite command? Maybe you've written a script in bash, python, or another common Linux language, that you would like to share because it helps you in your day-to-day use of Linux? If any of these things are true, Gemstones is the place for your contribution!


Your code, script, or command document should be short. If it is many pages long, then it belongs elsewhere in the documentation. We are looking for a page or possibly two. In order for your "gemstone" to be complete, we suggest including:

  • A good description
  • Any reasons why you do things a particular way, in the case of a script
  • A brief conclusion


You can contribute your Gemstone in the same way that you contribute other documentation (see: Guides/Contribution/Contribution Guide). When you submit a pull request to GitHub, include "gemstone" in the commit message. If you don't have or don't want a GitHub account, you can simply submit it to the Mattermost Documentation channel and we will edit and create your Gemstone for you. It couldn't be easier!

Author: Steven Spencer