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Release Notes for Rocky Linux 8.5

Thank You

Thank you for supporting Rocky Linux. These are the release notes for Rocky Linux 8.5, available for x86_64 and aarch64 (ARM) architectures.

There was an amazing amount of work and collaboration that went into this release. The Rocky Release Engineering team went far and above the call of duty to make 8.5 a reality so quickly. Please send them gratitude, happy thoughts, and lotsa beers at our first available moment!

— Gregory Kurtzer

Major Changes

For a full listing of all changes which occurred upstream, please reference the Release Notes for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5.

Secure Boot

In less than 48 hours from RHEL-8.5 being released, we had successful tests on our ISOs and just before we were about to pull the string to go GA with 8.5, Microsoft countersigned our Secure Boot shim. We quickly deliberated and decided to backtrack and incorporate that into the 8.5 release.

There were some things that we had to get in order and resolved, but it is with great pleasure that this release includes the official Rocky Linux signed shim. Here is the full thread to the shim review: https://github.com/rhboot/shim-review/issues/194.

As with any security related diligence, it is important to be able to validate the Secure Boot shim is exactly what you expect and that it is properly activated. After installing Rocky Linux 8.5, please log in and run these commands to validate our secure boot shim:

sudo dnf install -y keyutils

sudo keyctl show %:.platform

sudo mokutil --sb

These commands should produce output similar to the following:

[user@localhost ~]# sudo keyctl show %:.platform


 600127374 ---lswrv      0     0  keyring: .platform

 659510804 ---lswrv      0     0   \\_ asymmetric: Microsoft Windows Production PCA 2011: a92902398e16c49778cd90f99e4f9ae17c55af53

 716742579 ---lswrv      0     0   \\_ asymmetric: Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation: Rocky Linux Secure Boot Root CA: 4c2c6bd7d64ee81581cab8e986661f65e2166fc4

 346375346 ---lswrv      0     0   \\_ asymmetric: Microsoft Corporation UEFI CA 2011: 13adbf4309bd82709c8cd54f316ed522988a1bd4

[user@localhost ~]# sudo mokutil --sb

SecureBoot enabled

New Modules

  • Ruby 3.0
  • nginx 1.20
  • Node.js 16

Updated Components

  • PHP to version 7.4.19
  • Squid to version 4.15
  • Mutt to version 2.0.7

Compilers and Development tools

  • GCC Toolset 11
  • LLVM Toolset 12.0.1
  • Rust Toolset 1.54.0
  • Go Toolset 1.16.7

OpenJDK updates

  • Open Java Development Kit 17 (OpenJDK 17) is now available. For more information about the features introduced in this release and changes in the existing functionality, see OpenJDK features.
  • OpenJDK 11 has been updated to version 11.0.13. For more information about the features introduced in this release and changes in the existing functionality, see Release notes for OpenJDK 11.0.13.
  • OpenJDK 8 has been updated to version 8.0.312. For more information about the features introduced in this release and changes in the existing functionality, see Release notes for OpenJDK 8.0.312.

Fastest Mirrors

During network installation, the list of mirrors hosting BaseOS content from the MirrorList will be used by the FastestMirror DNF plugin, sorted heuristically by the time it takes to open a connection to the mirrors on their given protocol's port (Source code).

This change means that a Repository URL is no longer required when using Boot-only media and performing Network-based installations of Rocky (and other Enterprise) Linux!


Packages Added

  • In the plus repository, thunderbird with PGP support was added
  • In the plus repository, openldap-servers was added
  • In the rockypi repository, rasperrypi2 kernel was added for raspberry specific aarch64 support

For a complete comparison of packages and their versions between Rocky Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, please consult our RepoCompare site.

Installation Instructions

Installation instructions for the latest Rocky Linux release can be found here:


Supported Upgrades and Conversions

Migrations to Rocky Linux 8.5 are supported from various Enterprise Linux distributions including, but not limited to CentOS Linux (including CentOS Stream) and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. For more details regarding supported upgrade paths and instructions on migrations, please consult the documentation.

Upgrading from Rocky Linux 8.4

To update your installation of Rocky Linux 8.4 Stable to 8.5, type:

sudo dnf -y upgrade

Known Issues

Please see Chapter 5 - Bug Fixes and Chapter 8 - Bug Fixes of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5 release notes for more information regarding bugs and known issues in the upstream distribution.

Reporting Bugs

Please report any bugs you encounter to the Rocky Linux Bug Tracker. We also welcome you to join our community in any way you wish be it on our Forums, Mattermost, IRC on Libera.Chat, Reddit, Mailing Lists, or any other way you wish to participate!