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torsocks Introduction

torsocks is a utility to reroute IP traffic from a command-line application over the Tor network or a SOCKS5 server.

Using torsocks

dnf -y install epel-release
dnf -y install tor torsocks
systemctl enable --now tor

The common options of the torsocks command follow and, under normal circumstances, require nothing additional. The options come before the application to run (e.g., curl):

Options Description
--shell Creates a new shell with LD_PRELOAD
-u USER Sets the SOCKS5 username
-p PASS Sets the SOCKS5 password
-a ADDRESS Sets the SOCKS5 server address
-P PORT Sets the SOCKS5 server port
-i Enables Tor isolation

A sample (redacted) output from the IP checker via torsocks:

torsocks output

Notice that the torsocks IP address differs from the direct curl IP address.

Author: Neel Chauhan

Contributors: Steven Spencer, Ganna Zhyrnova