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Mardown Is Your Friend - Version 3

This document is created to test some translation issues. It is not a real document, so if you happen across it, enjoy reading!

Markdown Tables

Tables can be used to separate things out in a way that makes logical sense. Of course, this table makes NO sense:

Character Quality
Daffy Duck Daffy by nature
Bugs Bunny The winner in every situation
Porky Pig Inteligence is not his strong suit

Markdown Admonitions

Admonitions add degrees of information in a way that highlights the subject.


These characters are all Looney Tunes characters. Any reference to real characters, either real or implied, is an accident.

There's More

On the next revision, we will add some things all over in the middle of this and it will make even less sense than it does now.


Translating documents with a tool turns out to be harder than it really should be. We are hopeful that this go around we will discover that things work as expected. Your mileage may vary. Please translate this and then we will edit the content again.

Last update: April 11, 2022

Author: Daffy Duck

Contributors: Bugs Bunny

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