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i2pd Anonymous Network


I2P is an anonymous overlay network and competitor to the more-popular Tor network with a focus on hidden websites called eepsites. i2pd (I2P Daemon) is a lightweight C++ implementation of the I2P protocol.

Prerequisites and assumptions

The following are minimum requirements for using this procedure:

  • A public IPv4 or IPv6 address, whether directly on the server, with port forwarding, or uPNP/NAT-PMP

Installing i2pd

To install i2pd, you need to first install the EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) and i2pd copr (Cool Other Package Repo) repositories (Note: If you are running Rocky Linux 8, substitute in 8 for 9):

curl -s -o /etc/yum.repos.d/i2pd-epel-9.repo
dnf install -y epel-release

Then install i2pd:

dnf install -y i2pd

(Optional) Configuring i2pd

With the packages installed, you can configure i2pd if desired. The author uses vim for this, but if you prefer nano or something else, go ahead and substitute that in:

vim /etc/i2pd/i2pd.conf

The default i2pd.conf file is pretty descriptive, but can get long if you just want a basic configuration, you can leave as-is.

However, if you want to enable IPv6 and uPNP and listen the HTTP proxy to port 12345, a configuration allowing this is as follows:

ipv6 = true
port = 12345
enabled = true

If you wish to set other options, the configuration file is self-explanatory on all the possible options.

Enabling i2pd

We can now enable i2pd

systemctl enable --now i2pd

Visiting I2P eepsites

In this example, we are using Firefox on Rocky Linux. If you are not using Firefox, refer to the documentation of your application to set an HTTP proxy.

Open up Firefox, click the hamburger menu icon, and then go to Settings:

Firefox menu dropdown

Scroll to the Network Settings and subsequently press *Settings

Firefox Network Settings section

Then select Manual proxy connection, enter in localhost and 4444 (or the port you selected), check Also use this proxy for HTTPS and select OK.

Firefox Connection Settings dialog

Now, you are able to browse I2P eepsites. As an example, navigate to http://planet.i2p (Note: the http:// is important to prevent Firefox from defaulting to a serch engine):

Firefox viewing planet.i2p


With so many internet users concerned about online privacy, I2P is ony way to access hidden websites securely. i2pd is lightweight software which makes browsing I2P websites possible, alongside sharing your connection as an relay.

Author: Neel Chauhan