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Rocky package debranding How-To

This explains how to debrand a package for the Rocky Linux distribution.

General Instructions

First, identify the files in the package that need to be changed. They could be text files, image files, or others. You can identify the file(s) by digging into

Develop replacements for these files, but with Rocky branding placed instead. Diff/patch files may be needed as well for certain types of text, depends on the content being replaced.

Replacement files go under Config file (specifying how to apply the patches) goes in*.cfg

Note: Use spaces, not tabs. When srpmproc goes to import the package to Rocky, it will see the work done in , and apply the stored debranding patches by reading the config file(s) under ROCKY/CFG/*.cfg

from debranding wiki page

Dernière mise à jour: 18 octobre 2022