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DNF package manager

DNF, or Dandified Yum, is a package manager in some Linux distributions. It is the next-generation version of the Yum (Yellowdog Updater, Modified) package manager, widely used in Red Hat-based systems. DNF was introduced as a replacement for Yum to address some limitations and improve performance.

DNF is commonly used in Rocky Linux, Fedora, RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) 8 and later, and other Linux distributions that have adopted it as their package manager. It aims to provide users and administrators a more modern and efficient package management experience.


  • For all Rocky Linux versions, the ability to use sudo to elevate privileges.

Installing packages

You can use the DNF package manager on Rocky Linux operating system just like you do with other package managers to install, remove, and update the packages you desire.

sudo dnf install package_name1 package_name2 package_name3 

To install perl:

sudo dnf install perl
Last metadata expiration check: 0:57:51 ago on Mon 05 Feb 2024 08:31:09 PM UTC.
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                                  Architecture       Version                              Repository             Size
 perl                                     x86_64             4:5.32.1-480.el9                     appstream              13 k
Installing dependencies:
 annobin                                  x86_64             12.12-1.el9                          appstream             977 k
 binutils                                 x86_64             2.35.2-42.el9                        baseos                4.5 M
 binutils-gold                            x86_64             2.35.2-42.el9                        baseos                734 k
 cpp                                      x86_64             11.4.1-2.1.el9                       appstream              11 M
 dwz                                      x86_64             0.14-3.el9                           appstream             127 k
 efi-srpm-macros                          noarch             6-2.el9_0                            appstream              22 k
 elfutils-debuginfod-client               x86_64             0.189-3.el9                          baseos                 36 k
 file                                     x86_64             5.39-14.el9                          baseos                 48 k
 fonts-srpm-macros                        noarch             1:2.0.5-7.el9.1                      appstream              27 k
 gcc                                      x86_64             11.4.1-2.1.el9                       appstream              32 M
 gcc-c++                                  x86_64             11.4.1-2.1.el9                       appstream              13 M
 gcc-plugin-annobin                       x86_64             11.4.1-2.1.el9                       appstream              48 k
 ghc-srpm-macros                          noarch             1.5.0-6.el9                          appstream             7.8 k
 glibc-devel                              x86_64             2.34-83.el9.7                        appstream              50 k
 glibc-headers                            x86_64             2.34-83.el9.7                        appstream             450 k
 go-srpm-macros                           noarch             3.2.0-2.el9                          appstream              26 k
 kernel-headers                           x86_64             5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                appstream             6.3 M
 kernel-srpm-macros                       noarch             1.0-13.el9                           appstream              15 k
 libdatrie                                x86_64             0.2.13-4.el9                         appstream              32 k
 libmpc                                   x86_64             1.2.1-4.el9                          appstream              61 k
 libpkgconf                               x86_64             1.7.3-10.el9                         baseos                 35 k

... (some packages not shown)

Installing weak dependencies:
 perl-CPAN-DistnameInfo                   noarch             0.12-23.el9                          appstream              14 k
 perl-Encode-Locale                       noarch             1.05-21.el9                          appstream              19 k
 perl-Term-Size-Any                       noarch             0.002-35.el9                         appstream              13 k
 perl-TermReadKey                         x86_64             2.38-11.el9                          appstream              36 k
 perl-Unicode-LineBreak                   x86_64             2019.001-11.el9                      appstream             120 k

Transaction Summary
Install  206 Packages

Total download size: 111 M
Installed size: 343 M
Is this ok [y/N]:

Installing a package group, as for Xfce desktop or Kde desktop, and so on, is similar:

sudo dnf group install xfce

Which will generate output such as this:

sudo dnf group install xfce
Last metadata expiration check: 1:04:31 ago on Mon 05 Feb 2024 08:31:09 PM UTC.
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                                                                      Architecture                                  Version                                                                    Repository                                        Size
Installing group/module packages:

Thunar                                                                       x86_64                                        4.18.6-2.el9                                                               epel                                      1.8 M
 gdm                                                                          x86_64                                        1:40.1-21.el9                                                              appstream                                836 k
 network-manager-applet                                                       x86_64                                        1.26.0-2.el9                                                               appstream                                197 k
 openssh-askpass                                                              x86_64                                        8.7p1-34.el9                                                               appstream                                21 k
 thunar-archive-plugin                                                        x86_64                                        0.5.0-2.el9                                                                epel                                     93 k
 thunar-volman                                                                x86_64                                        4.18.0-2.el9                                                               epel                                     210 k
 tumbler                                                                      x86_64                                        4.18.1-1.el9                                                               epel                                     237 k
 xfce-polkit                                                                  x86_64                                        0.3-8.el9                                                                  epel                                     24 k
 xfce4-appfinder                                                              x86_64                                        4.18.0-2.el9                                                               epel                                     285 k
 xfce4-panel                                                                  x86_64                                        4.18.4-1.el9                                                               epel                                     1.2 M
 xfce4-power-manager                                                          x86_64                                        4.18.2-1.el9                                                               epel                                     733 k
 xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin                                                      x86_64                                        0.4.7-1.el9                                                                epel                                     131 k
 xfce4-screensaver                                                            x86_64                                        4.18.2-1.el9                                                               epel                                     305 k
 xfce4-session                                                                x86_64                                        4.18.3-1.el9                                                               epel                                     541 k
 xfce4-settings                                                               x86_64                                        4.18.2-2.el9                                                               epel                                     1.2 M

 ... (some packages not shown)

Installing Groups:

Transaction Summary
Install  402 Packages

Total download size: 317 M
Installed size: 1.1 G
Is this ok [y/N]:

As you can see, there are several ways to install the KDE desktop group:

sudo dnf group install "KDE Plasma Workspaces"
sudo dnf group install kde-desktop-environment
sudo dnf install @kde-desktop-environment

Update and upgrade packages

Update and upgrade

If you decide to update your packages, use this code on the terminal:

  sudo dnf update

Which may show something like this:

sudo dnf update
Last metadata expiration check: 1:12:59 ago on Mon 05 Feb 2024 08:31:09 PM UTC.
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                                                                 Architecture                                        Version                                                             Repository                                              Size
 NetworkManager                                                          x86_64                                              1:1.44.0-4.el9_3                                                    baseos                                     2.2 M
 NetworkManager-libnm                                                    x86_64                                              1:1.44.0-4.el9_3                                                    baseos                                     1.8 M
 gnutls                                                                  x86_64                                              3.7.6-23.el9_3.3                                                    baseos                                     1.0 M
 openssl                                                                 x86_64                                              1:3.0.7-25.el9_3                                                    baseos                                     1.2 M
 openssl-libs                                                            x86_64                                              1:3.0.7-25.el9_3                                                    baseos                                     2.1 M
 python3                                                                 x86_64                                              3.9.18-1.el9_3.1                                                    baseos                                     25 k
 python3-libs                                                            x86_64                                              3.9.18-1.el9_3.1                                                    baseos                                     7.3 M
 python3-rpm                                                             x86_64                                                                                       baseos                                     64 k
 rocky-gpg-keys                                                          noarch                                              9.3-1.2.el9                                                         baseos                                     13 k
 rocky-release                                                           noarch                                              9.3-1.2.el9                                                         baseos                                     23 k
 rocky-repos                                                             noarch                                              9.3-1.2.el9                                                         baseos                                     13 k
 rpm                                                                     x86_64                                                                                       baseos                                     485 k
 rpm-build-libs                                                          x86_64                                                                                       baseos                                     87 k
 rpm-libs                                                                x86_64                                                                                       baseos                                     307 k
 rpm-plugin-systemd-inhibit                                              x86_64                                                                                       appstream                                  15 k
 rpm-sign-libs                                                           x86_64                                                                                       baseos                                     19 k
 systemd                                                                 x86_64                                              252-18.el9.0.1.rocky                                                baseos                                     3.9 M
 systemd-libs                                                            x86_64                                              252-18.el9.0.1.rocky                                                baseos                                     651 k
 systemd-pam                                                             x86_64                                              252-18.el9.0.1.rocky                                                baseos                                     259 k
 systemd-rpm-macros                                                      noarch                                              252-18.el9.0.1.rocky                                                baseos                                     47 k
 systemd-udev                                                            x86_64                                              252-18.el9.0.1.rocky                                                baseos                                     1.8 M
 tzdata                                                                  noarch                                              2023d-1.el9                                                         baseos                                     433 k

Transaction Summary
Upgrade  22 Packages

Total download size: 24 M
Is this ok [y/N]

The dnf upgrade command yields the same results as the dnf update command.

sudo dnf upgrade

Update a single package

  sudo dnf upgrade package_name

For example, if you want to upgrade your openssl, use dnf:

dnf upgrade openssl

Which might show:

dnf upgrade openssl
Last metadata expiration check: 1:21:40 ago on Mon 05 Feb 2024 08:31:09 PM UTC.
Dependencies resolved.
========================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================Package                                                        Architecture                                             Version                                                               Repository                                    Size
 openssl                                                        x86_64                                                   1:3.0.7-25.el9_3                                                      baseos                                       1.2 M
 openssl-libs                                                   x86_64                                                   1:3.0.7-25.el9_3                                                      baseos                                       2.1 M

Transaction Summary
Upgrade  2 Packages

Total download size: 3.3 M
Is this ok [y/N]:

If you used the sudo dnf update or sudo dnf upgrade commands earlier, your entire system is up-to-date and there will be no package to update manually.

Removing packages

Like installing packages, you can use dnf to uninstall packages. However, dependencies are crucial in the Linux system, and if you are not aware of them, it is recommended not to remove a package. For instance, a mistakenly installed package may have 20 dependencies, and when you remove that package, the system will also remove those 20 packages shared with other programs. Consequently, some previously functioning programs may become unusable. Moreover, if you think you can resolve it by reinstalling the same package, you may encounter version and old version conflict issues. Be cautious in this regard.


DNF cannot remove a package without removing packages that depend on it.

The syntax to remove packages is:

sudo dnf remove package_name1 package_name2
sudo dnf remove wget 


Be careful, DNF shows the package dependencies! If you remove Perl, you will remove packages that depend on Perl!

sudo dnf remove perl
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                                                                  Architecture                                       Version                                                             Repository                                  Size
 perl                                                                     x86_64                                             4:5.32.1-480.el9                                                    @appstream                                   0  
Removing unused dependencies:
 annobin                                                                  x86_64                                             12.12-1.el9                                                         @appstream                                 1.0 M
 binutils                                                                 x86_64                                             2.35.2-42.el9                                                       @baseos                                    24 M
 binutils-gold                                                            x86_64                                             2.35.2-42.el9                                                       @baseos                                    2.0 M
 cpp                                                                      x86_64                                             11.4.1-2.1.el9                                                      @appstream                                 29 M
 dwz                                                                      x86_64                                             0.14-3.el9                                                          @appstream                                 275 k
 efi-srpm-macros                                                          noarch                                             6-2.el9_0                                                           @appstream                                 40 k
 elfutils-debuginfod-client                                               x86_64                                             0.189-3.el9                                                         @baseos                                    60 k
 file                                                                     x86_64                                             5.39-14.el9                                                         @baseos                                    100 k
 fonts-srpm-macros                                                        noarch                                             1:2.0.5-7.el9.1                                                     @appstream                                 55 k
 gcc                                                                      x86_64                                             11.4.1-2.1.el9                                                      @appstream                                 85 M
 gcc-c++                                                                  x86_64                                             11.4.1-2.1.el9                                                      @appstream                                 32 M
 gcc-plugin-annobin                                                       x86_64                                             11.4.1-2.1.el9                                                      @appstream                                 52 k
 ghc-srpm-macros                                                          noarch                                             1.5.0-6.el9                                                         @appstream                                 535  
 glibc-devel                                                              x86_64                                             2.34-83.el9.7                                                       @appstream                                 157 k
 glibc-headers                                                            x86_64                                             2.34-83.el9.7                                                       @appstream                                 2.1 M
 go-srpm-macros                                                           noarch                                             3.2.0-2.el9                                                         @appstream                                 60 k
 kernel-headers                                                           x86_64                                             5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                               @appstream                                 5.8 M
 kernel-srpm-macros                                                       noarch                                             1.0-13.el9                                                          @appstream                                 17 k
 libdatrie                                                                x86_64                                             0.2.13-4.el9                                                        @appstream                                 58 k
 libmpc                                                                   x86_64                                             1.2.1-4.el9                                                         @appstream                                 135 k
 libpkgconf                                                               x86_64                                             1.7.3-10.el9                                                        @baseos                                    74 k
 libstdc++-devel                                                          x86_64                                             11.4.1-2.1.el9                                                      @appstream                                 13 M
 libthai                                                                  x86_64                                             0.1.28-8.el9                                                        @appstream                                 760 k
 libxcrypt-devel                                                          x86_64                                             4.4.18-3.el9                                                        @appstream                                 30 k

... (some package removal output not shown)

redhat-rpm-config                                                         noarch                                             201-1.el9                                                           @appstream                                 187 k
 rust-srpm-macros                                                         noarch                                             17-4.el9                                                            @appstream                                 2.4 k
 sombok                                                                   x86_64                                             2.4.0-16.el9                                                        @appstream                                 136 k
 systemtap-sdt-devel                                                      x86_64                                             4.9-3.el9                                                           @appstream                                 198 k

Transaction Summary
Remove  206 Packages

Freed space: 343 M
Is this ok [y/N]:

Removing a group has the following syntax. Note that removing the KDE group is possible several ways:

sudo dnf group remove "KDE Plasma Workspaces"
sudo dnf group remove kde-desktop-environment
sudo dnf remove @kde-desktop-environment

DNF list

You can list any package, even if you do not know the entire name of the package, by running this command:

sudo dnf list kernel*

Last metadata expiration check: 1:44:26 ago on Mon 05 Feb 2024 08:31:09 PM UTC.
Installed Packages
kernel-headers.x86_64                                                                                                           5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   @appstream
kernel-srpm-macros.noarch                                                                                                       1.0-13.el9                                                                                              @appstream
Available Packages
kernel.x86_64                                                                                                                   5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   baseos    
kernel-abi-stablelists.noarch                                                                                                   5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   baseos    
kernel-core.x86_64                                                                                                              5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   baseos    
kernel-cross-headers.x86_64                                                                                                     5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   crb       
kernel-debug.x86_64                                                                                                             5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   baseos    
kernel-debug-core.x86_64                                                                                                        5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   baseos    
kernel-debug-devel.x86_64                                                                                                       5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   appstream 
kernel-debug-devel-matched.x86_64                                                                                               5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   appstream 
kernel-debug-modules.x86_64                                                                                                     5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   baseos    
kernel-debug-modules-core.x86_64                                                                                                5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   baseos    
kernel-debug-modules-extra.x86_64                                                                                               5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   baseos    
kernel-debug-uki-virt.x86_64                                                                                                    5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   baseos    
kernel-devel.x86_64                                                                                                             5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   appstream 
kernel-devel-matched.x86_64                                                                                                     5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   appstream 
kernel-doc.noarch                                                                                                               5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   appstream 
kernel-modules.x86_64                                                                                                           5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   baseos    
kernel-modules-core.x86_64                                                                                                      5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   baseos    
kernel-modules-extra.x86_64                                                                                                     5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   baseos    
kernel-rpm-macros.noarch                                                                                                        185-13.el9                                                                                              appstream 
kernel-tools.x86_64                                                                                                             5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   baseos    
kernel-tools-libs.x86_64                                                                                                        5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   baseos    
kernel-tools-libs-devel.x86_64                                                                                                  5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   crb       
kernel-uki-virt.x86_64                                                                                                          5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   baseos    
kernelshark.x86_64                                                                                                              1:1.2-10.el9                                                                                            appstream

List information on installed and available kernel tools, modules, and matching information with this command:

sudo dnf list kernel-tools\* kernel-modules\*

Last metadata expiration check: 1:48:22 ago on Mon 05 Feb 2024 08:31:09 PM UTC.
Available Packages
kernel-modules.x86_64                                                                                                           5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   baseos
kernel-modules-core.x86_64                                                                                                      5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   baseos
kernel-modules-extra.x86_64                                                                                                     5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   baseos
kernel-tools.x86_64                                                                                                             5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   baseos
kernel-tools-libs.x86_64                                                                                                        5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   baseos
kernel-tools-libs-devel.x86_64                                                                                                  5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3                                                                                   crb

List all installed and available packages with:

dnf list all

This will give you an extremely long list of files. How many files are there in Rocky Linux?

Use this command to find out:

dnf list all | wc -l

Lists all packages installed on your Rocky Linux system:

sudo dnf list installed

You can filter by a particular package too:

sudo dnf list installed "sudo*"
Installed Packages
sudo.x86_64                                                                                                               1.9.5p2-9.el9                                                                                                 baseos

List all available packages in all enabled repositories with:

sudo dnf list available "perl"
Last metadata expiration check: 1:59:53 ago on Mon 05 Feb 2024 08:31:09 PM UTC.
Available Packages
perl.x86_64                                                                                                             4:5.32.1-480.el9                                                                                                appstream

List all package groups:

sudo dnf group list
Last metadata expiration check: 2:01:20 ago on Mon 05 Feb 2024 08:31:09 PM UTC.
Available Environment Groups:
   Server with GUI
   Minimal Install
   KDE Plasma Workspaces
   Custom Operating System
   Virtualization Host
Available Groups:
   Fedora Packager
   VideoLAN Client
   Legacy UNIX Compatibility
   Console Internet Tools
   Container Management
   Development Tools
   .NET Development
   Graphical Administration Tools
   Headless Management
   Network Servers
   RPM Development Tools
   Scientific Support
   Security Tools
   Smart Card Support
   System Tool

List the repository information of packages it provides for each enabled repository.

sudo dnf repolist 

repo id                                                                                                repo name
appstream                                                                                              Rocky Linux 9 - AppStream
baseos                                                                                                 Rocky Linux 9 - BaseOS
crb                                                                                                    Rocky Linux 9 - CRB
epel                                                                                                   Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux 9 - x86_64
epel-cisco-openh264                                                                                    Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux 9 openh264 (From Cisco) - x86_64
extras                                                                                                 Rocky Linux 9 - Extras

DNF list history

You can see DNF list history with this command:

sudo dnf history list
ID     | Command line                                                            | Date and time    | Action(s)      | Altered
    23 | remove perl                                                             | 2024-02-05 22:30 | Removed        |  206   
    22 | install perl                                                            | 2024-02-05 22:05 | Install        |  206   
    21 | install sqlite                                                          | 2024-01-27 15:49 | I, U           |    2   
    20 | install tar gzip                                                        | 2024-01-27 14:27 | Install        |    1   
    19 | install htop                                                            | 2024-01-27 14:24 | Install        |    3   
    18 | install yarnpkg                                                         | 2024-01-27 14:21 | Install        |    1   
    17 | install nodejs mariadb-server npm                                       | 2024-01-27 14:14 | Install        |   81   
    16 | upgrade                                                                 | 2023-12-20 16:02 | Upgrade        |    2   
    15 | install wget                                                            | 2023-12-20 15:38 | Install        |    1   
    14 | remove iptables*                                                        | 2023-12-19 15:22 | Removed        |   10   
    13 | install iptables-utils                                                  | 2023-12-19 15:09 | Install        |    1   
    12 | install iptables-services                                               | 2023-12-19 15:08 | Install        |    1   
    11 | install iptables                                                        | 2023-12-19 15:02 | Install        |    8  <
    10 | remove firewalld                                                        | 2023-12-19 15:02 | Removed        |   20 >E
     9 | install firewalld                                                       | 2023-12-19 14:18 | Install        |   20 EE
     8 | install postfix s-nail                                                  | 2023-12-14 15:28 | Install        |    3   
     7 | upgrade                                                                 | 2023-11-30 14:30 | I, U           |  128 EE
     6 | install epel-release                                                    | 2023-11-30 14:30 | Install        |    8 EE
     5 | install which                                                           | 2023-01-24 14:31 | Install        |    1   
     4 | install zip                                                             | 2023-01-20 13:28 | Install        |    2   
     3 | -y --allowerasing install NetworkManager                                | 2023-01-19 02:47 | Install        |    7 EE
     2 | -y --allowerasing install cronie cronie-noanacron curl dhclient glibc-l | 2023-01-19 02:42 | Install        |   42 EE
     1 | --installroot=/rootfs -y --releasever=9 --skip-broken install basesyste | 2023-01-19 02:41 | Install        |  147 EE

One of the most advantageous aspects of DNF history is the ability to revert (undo) and repeat (redo) transactions.

dnf history undo id
dnf history redo id
sudo dnf history redo 20

Last metadata expiration check: 2:23:20 ago on Mon 05 Feb 2024 08:31:09 PM UTC.
Dependencies resolved.
Nothing to do.
Warning, the following problems occurred while running a transaction:
  Package "tar.x86_64" is already installed for action "Install".

The sudo dnf history redo 20 command used above, attempts to repeat the command with ID:20 from the DNF history list, to reinstall tar. Naturally, the operation displayed 'is already installed', since it had been installed before.

Searching packages

Search any package by running this command:

sudo dnf search wget 

Last metadata expiration check: 2:27:09 ago on Mon 05 Feb 2024 08:31:09 PM UTC.
================================================= Name Exactly Matched: wget =================================================
wget.x86_64 : A utility for retrieving files using the HTTP or FTP protocols
================================================ Name & Summary Matched: wget ================================================
perl-HTTP-Tinyish-Wget.noarch : HTTP::Tinyish wget backend

Search for more than one package in one search by running this command:

sudo dnf search all yum vim 

The command will return a long list of packages that include "yum" and "vim", as the package name, or as descriptions for other packages.

DNF package information

To display information about packages, use this command:

sudo dnf info perl

Last metadata expiration check: 2:33:15 ago on Mon 05 Feb 2024 08:31:09 PM UTC.
Available Packages
Name         : perl
Epoch        : 4
Version      : 5.32.1
Release      : 480.el9
Architecture : x86_64
Size         : 13 k
Source       : perl-5.32.1-480.el9.src.rpm
Repository   : appstream
Summary      : Practical Extraction and Report Language
URL          :
License      : GPL+ or Artistic
Description  : Perl is a high-level programming language with roots in C, sed, awk and shell
             : scripting. Perl is good at handling processes and files, and is especially
             : good at handling text. Perl's hallmarks are practicality and efficiency.
             : While it is used to do a lot of different things, Perl's most common
             : applications are system administration utilities and web programming.
             : This is a metapackage with all the Perl bits and core modules that can be
             : found in the upstream tarball from
             : If you need only a specific feature, you can install a specific package
             : instead. E.g. to handle Perl scripts with /usr/bin/perl interpreter,
             : install perl-interpreter package. See perl-interpreter description for more
             : details on the Perl decomposition into packages.

To display information about all available packages, both installed and available from a repository, use this command:

sudo dnf repoquery perl --info

While it is not always the case, in the above instance, the results of this command is identical to the sudo dnf info perl command.

DNF repository configuration

The configuration file for DNF and its associated utilities can be found at /etc/dnf/dnf.conf. Within this file, there is a mandatory [main] section that allows the configuration of DNF options with global effects. Additionally, it may include one or more [repository] sections, providing the ability to set repository-specific options.

Any values specified in the [repository] sections of the /etc/dnf/dnf.conf file will take precedence over values set in the [main] section.

cat /etc/dnf/dnf.conf


DNF config-manager

To retrieve a comprehensive list of configuration options along with their respective values and information about repositories, utilize the dnf config-manager command with the --dump option.

dnf config-manager --dump

sudo dnf config-manager --dump
============================================================ main ============================================================
allow_vendor_change = 1
assumeno = 0
assumeyes = 0
autocheck_running_kernel = 1
bandwidth = 0
best = 1
bugtracker_url =
cachedir = /var/cache/dnf
cacheonly = 0
check_config_file_age = 1
clean_requirements_on_remove = 1
color = auto
color_list_available_downgrade = magenta
color_list_available_install = bold,cyan
color_list_available_reinstall = bold,underline,green
color_list_available_upgrade = bold,blue
color_list_installed_extra = bold,red
color_list_installed_newer = bold,yellow
color_list_installed_older = yellow
color_list_installed_reinstall = cyan
color_search_match = bold,magenta
color_update_installed = red
color_update_local = green
color_update_remote = bold,green
config_file_path = /etc/dnf/dnf.conf
countme = 0
debug_solver = 0
debuglevel = 2
defaultyes = 0
deltarpm = 1
deltarpm_percentage = 75
disable_excludes = 
diskspacecheck = 1
enabled = 1
enablegroups = 1
errorlevel = 3
exclude = 
exclude_from_weak = 
exclude_from_weak_autodetect = 1
excludepkgs = 
exit_on_lock = 0
fastestmirror = 0
gpgcheck = 1
gpgkey_dns_verification = 0
group_package_types = mandatory, default, conditional
history_list_view = commands
history_record = 1
history_record_packages = dnf, rpm
ignorearch = 0
includepkgs = 
install_weak_deps = 1
installonly_limit = 3
installonlypkgs = kernel, kernel-PAE, installonlypkg(kernel), installonlypkg(kernel-module), installonlypkg(vm), multiversion(kernel)
installroot = /
ip_resolve = whatever
keepcache = 0
localpkg_gpgcheck = 0
log_compress = 0
log_rotate = 4
log_size = 1048576
logdir = /var/log
logfilelevel = 9
max_downloads_per_mirror = 3
max_parallel_downloads = 3
metadata_expire = 172800
metadata_timer_sync = 10800
minrate = 1000
module_obsoletes = 0
module_stream_switch = 0
multilib_policy = best
obsoletes = 1
password = 
persistdir = /var/lib/dnf
pluginconfpath = /etc/dnf/plugins
pluginpath = /usr/lib/python3.9/site-packages/dnf-plugins
plugins = 1
protect_running_kernel = 1
protected_packages = dnf, setup, systemd, systemd-udev, dnf, yum, sudo, setup, systemd, systemd-udev, dnf, yum, sudo
proxy = 
proxy_auth_method = any
proxy_sslcacert = 
proxy_sslclientcert = 
proxy_sslclientkey = 
proxy_sslverify = 1
recent = 7
repo_gpgcheck = 0
reposdir = /etc/yum.repos.d, /etc/yum/repos.d, /etc/distro.repos.d
reset_nice = 1
retries = 10
rpmverbosity = info
showdupesfromrepos = 0
skip_broken = 0
skip_if_unavailable = 0
sslcacert = 
sslclientcert = 
sslclientkey = 
sslverify = 1
sslverifystatus = 0
strict = 1
system_cachedir = /var/cache/dnf
throttle = 0
timeout = 30
transformdb = 1
tsflags = 
upgrade_group_objects_upgrade = 1
user_agent = libdnf (Rocky Linux 9.3; generic; Linux.x86_64)
username = 
varsdir = /etc/yum/vars, /etc/dnf/vars
zchunk = 1


Rocky linux uses DNF, the next-generation replacement for YUM. Shown on this page were examples of basic DNF usage. For more information, refer to the official documentation for DNF

Author: Emre Camalan

Contributors: Steven Spencer, Ganna Zhyrnova