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The custom/override.lua file is used for overriding the settings of plugins defined in chadrc.lua, allows various parsers to be installed at startup, extends the functionality of nvimtree, and other customizations.

The file used for our example is as follows:

local M = {}

M.treesitter = {
  ensure_installed = {

M.nvimtree = {
  git = {
    enable = true,
  renderer = {
    highlight_git = true,
    icons = {
      show = {
        git = true,
  view = {
    side = "right",

M.blankline = {
  filetype_exclude = {

M.mason = {
  ensure_installed = {

return M

Let's walk through that whole configuration. The first part checks the treesitter parsers defined in the table, and installs anything that's missing. In our example, we added only those useful for writing documents in Markdown. For a complete list of available parsers you can refer to this page.

NvimTree Git

The second part enriches our file explorer (nvimtree) with decorations for the state of the files with respect to the Git repository, and moves the view to the right.

Then we have a section that takes care of removing the lines that indicate nesting in the code. Finally, one that takes care of informing Mason which language servers are needed in the IDE, called by the ensure_installed function.

The control and eventual installation of parser and LSP is very useful in managing one's customizations on multiple workstations. By saving the custom folder in a Git Repository, one has the ability to clone one's custom settings to any machine on which NvChad is installed, and any changes can be synchronized between all the machines on which one is working.

Summarizing the custom/override.lua file is used to override parts of the default plugin configuration. Customizations set in this file are taken into account only if the plugin is defined in custom/chadrc.lua in the plugin override section.

M.plugins = {
  user = require("custom.plugins"),
  override = {
    ["kyazdani42/nvim-tree.lua"] = override.nvimtree,
    ["nvim-treesitter/nvim-treesitter"] = override.treesitter,
    ["lukas-reineke/indent-blankline.nvim"] = override.blankline,
    ["williamboman/mason.nvim"] = override.mason,

Dernière mise à jour: 5 septembre 2022

Author: Franco Colussi

Contributors: Steven Spencer