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HP All-in-One Printer Installation and Setup


Printing and scanning with an all-in-one HP printer is possible on linux thanks to HPLIP.

This guide was tested with an HP Deskjet 2700 series.

See All Supported Printers to see if the HPLIP package supports your printer.

Download and Install HPLIP

HPLIP is third-party software by HP that contains necessary printer drivers. Install the 3 packages below for full support with a graphical user interface.

sudo dnf install hplip-common.x86_64 hplip-libs.x86_64 hplip-gui

Printer Setup

When done with printer driver installation, you should be able to add your hp all-in-one printer to your Rocky Workstation. Ensure the printer is physically connected to the same network, either through wifi or a direct connection. Go to Settings

In the left menu click Printers

Click Add a Printer

Select your HP all-in-one printer.

Scanner Support

While you can scan using cli commands with the HPLIP package, they do not supply a scanner app. Install xsane, an easy to use scanner utility.

sudo dnf install sane-backends sane-frontends xsane

The xsane gui looks a little intimidating but doing a simple scan is straightforward. When you launch xsane a window with a button exists where you can Acquire a preview. This will take a preview image of a scan. Once read to scan click the button 'Start' in the main menu.

For a more comprehensive xsane guide read this article by the University of Cambridge Faculty of Mathematics


After installing HPLIP and xsane you should now be able to print and scan on your all-in-one HP printer.

Author: Joseph Brinkman

Contributors: Steven Spencer