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GNOME Tweaks


GNOME Tweaks is a tool for customizing desktop experiences, including default fonts, windowing, workspaces, and more.


  • A Rocky Linux Workstation or Server with GUI installation that uses GNOME.

Install GNOME tweaks

GNOME Tweaks is available from the "appstream" repository, requiring no additional repository configuration. Install with:

sudo dnf install gnome-tweaks 

Installation includes all needed dependencies.

Screens and functions

Activities Menu

To start tweaks, from the Activities menu's search, type "tweaks" and click on "Tweaks."


General allows changing the default behavior of animations, suspension, and over-amplification.

Tweaks General

Appearance allows the changing of theme defaults and the background and lock screen images.

Tweaks Appearance

Fonts allows the changing of default fonts and sizes.

Tweaks Fonts

Keyboard & Mouse allows changing default keyboard and mouse behavior.

Tweaks Keyboard and Mouse

If you have applications you want to start when the GNOME shell starts, you can set that up in Startup Applications.

Tweaks Startup Applications

Customize the Top Bar (clock, calendar, battery) defaults here.

Tweaks Top Bar

Window Titlebars allows changing the default behavior of titlebars.

Tweaks Window Titlebars

Windows allows changing the default behavior of windows.

Tweaks Windows

Workspaces allows you to change how workspaces are created (dynamically or statically) and how you want those workspaces to appear.

Tweaks Workspaces


You can reset everything back to defaults by using the three-bar menu next to "Tweaks" in the left-hand corner.


GNOME Tweaks is a good tool for customizing your GNOME desktop environment.

Author: Steven Spencer

Contributors: Ganna Zhyrnova