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You've found us! Welcome to the documentation hub for Rocky Linux; we're glad you're here. We have a number of contributors adding content, and that cache of content gets bigger all the time. Here you will find documents on how to build Rocky Linux itself, as well as documents on various subjects that are important to the Rocky community. Who makes up that community you ask?

Well actually, you do.

Right now, you're looking at an index of our guides, which cover specific ways to set up and use Rocky Linux. See the categories on the right to skim through what we have. Up top, you can access a complete book on installing and setting up Rocky, as well as some advanced labs you can work through to further your understanding of systems administration and more.

Did you find something missing? Did you find an error? Are you wondering how to create a document of your own or how to fix things here? Remember how we said that you were the Rocky community? Well, that means that you are important to us, and we want you to join us, if you like, and help make this documentation better. If you are interested in this, head over to our Contribution Guide to find out how you can do just that!

OS Installation and Setup

Classic Rocky Installation Rocky on Windows SubSystem For Linux (WSL)
Rocky 8 Installation Rocky & WSL (rinse method)
Convert CentOS (and Others) to Rocky Linux Rocky & WSL2 (virtualbox and docker)
Install MATE on Rocky Linux
Install XFCE on Rocky Linux

Development and Packaging

Start Here Sourcing SRPM Rebranding Building Signing Deployment
Setup Development Environment Rebranding HowTo Signing HowTo
Build Troubleshooting


Firewalls Network Security Cryptographic Security
IPTABLES Networking Configuration SSH Keys
SSL Keys
Generating SSL Keys and LetsEncrypt


Web Server FTP Content Management System Database
Hardened Apache Web server VSFTPD DokuWiki MariaDB server
Enabling Website Nextcloud

System Maintenance and Administration

Data Security System Management and Debugging Managing Users and Groups
Rsync over SSH Postfix
RSnapshot Cron(tab)




Creating a full LXD Server

Educational / Training

Administration Security General
System Administration Security Labs Learning Ansible

System Automation And Maintenance

Ansible Puppet Salt Chef
VM Template Creation With Packer, Ansible deployment for Vmware
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